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Spender: The French Collection (S3EP7 BBC One 29 Dec 1993, Tom Bell)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The French Collection: “I want you to go to Marseilles to pick up a naughty boy, and then bring him back here,” says Spender’s boss Gillespie. But a car crash puts Spender in hospital and his prisoner apparently dead, burned alive. Except that there’s no body. This feature length 95 minute episode aired several months after the final episode of season three and picked up the threads of the Tommy Thornton story.

Regular Cast: Jimmy Nail (Spender), Peter Guinness (Detective Chief Superintendent Gillespie), Sammy Johnson (Stick),

Guest Cast: Lynn Harrison (Kate), Dawn Winlow (Laura), Laure Killing (Janet Thornton), Tom Bell, Jean François Balmer, Phillipe Smolikowski, Jerome Meadows, Michel Julienne, Anne Schofield

Writer: Jimmy Nail / Director: Matt Forrest

Airdate: 29 Dec 1993 on BBC One Two

Series: Spender Season 3 Episode 7

Show Info: After working undercover in London Geordie cop Spender returns to Newcastle to work deep undercover.