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Spooks: Cleanskin (S2EP7 BBC One 21 Jul 2003, Shauna MacDonald)



Cleanskin: A French scientist has gone renegade and taken a top secret weapon called Firestorm with him, which he is threatening to sell to the highest bidder. Now he has ended up in the UK, and MI5 are forced to work with French Intelligence. But the British want the technology they have to steal the technology without the french finding out and using an agent that if caught has no affiliation to 5. But there is a burglary at Harry’s flat which puts the operation in jeopardy, or does it?

Regular Cast: Matthew Macfadyen (Tom Quinn), Keeley Hawes (Zoe Reynolds), David Oyelowo (Danny Hunter), Peter Firth (Harry Pearce), Shauna MacDonald (Sam Buxton)

Guest Cast: Nicola Walker (Ruth Evershed), Rory Macgregor (Colin Wells), Megan Dodds (Christine Dale), Heshima Thompson, Aaron Martins, Tyrone Lewis, Adam Deacon, Philippe De Groussouvre, Philippe Cariot, Geoff Cotton

Writer: Simon Mirren / Director: Ciaran Donnelly

Airdate: 21 Jul 2003 on BBC One

Series: Spooks Season 2 Episode 7

Show Info: The cases of a group of MI5 officers based at the service’s Thames House headquarters, in a highly secure suite of offices known as The Grid.