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Spooks: The School (S6EP10 BBC One 18 Dec 2007, Joe Montana)



The School: Hardliners opposed to the peace between Iran and the West have targeted a London school. Jo is captured by Redbacks, the mercenaries who abducted Zaf.

Regular Cast: Rupert Penry-Jones (Adam Carter), Peter Firth (Harry Pearce), Miranda Raison (Jo Portman), Matthew Marsh (Bob Hogan), Hugh Simon (Malcolm Wynn-Jones)

Guest Cast: Gemma Jones (Connie James), Alex Lanipekun (Ben Kaplan), Simon Abkarian (Dariush Bakhshi), Anatole Taubman, Gus Gallagher, Cristian Solimeno, Stephen Da Costa, David Michaels, Joe Montana

Writer: Ben Richards / Director: Alrick Riley

Airdate: 18 Dec 2007 on BBC One

Series: Spooks Season 6 Episode 10

Show Info: The cases of a group of MI5 officers based at the service’s Thames House headquarters, in a highly secure suite of offices known as The Grid.