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Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over: Eco-Warriors (S2EP3 W Mon 17 May 2021)



Eco-Warriors: Stacey travels to the remote Hebridean island of Gometra to spend an off-grid weekend with aristocrat Roc Sandford and his two daughters Blue and Savannah. She learns how Roc raised a brood of eco-warriors; and how deeply he and his children are involved in the controversial Extinction Rebellion and HS2 campaigns.

Airdate: Mon 17 May 2021 at 22:00 on W

Season 2 Episode 3

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over will present a portrait of what life is like in Britain today for a cross section of society. The series follows Stacey as she spends 72-hours in the company of a wide range of extraordinary characters and families, with the kinds of relationships we've never seen up close before.