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Star: Lean On Me (S3EP15 FOX Wed 17 Apr 2019)



Lean On Me: Simone and Alex prepare to compete against newcomer Amber (guest star Erika Tham) for their ASA performance. Noah’s father, Bobby (guest star Harold Perrineau), returns to help Noah with his sobriety and fatherhood. Meanwhile, Miss Christine (guest star Patti LaBelle), Cousin Duke (guest star Glenn MaGee) and Cousin Rashad (guest star Major) come to town, much to the chagrin of Carlotta and Cassie. Then, Leon (guest star Kia Shine) makes Cotton an offer.

Cast: Queen Latifah as Carlotta Brown, Brandy Norwood as Cassie, Jude Demorest as Star Davis, Ryan Destiny as Alexandra Crane, Brittany O’Grady as Simone Davis, Amiyah Scott as Cotton, Quincy Brown as Derek Jones, Miss Lawrence as Miss Bruce, Luke James as Noah Brooks, Lance Gross as Maurice, Matthew Noszka as Jackson “Jax” Ellis, and William Levy as Mateo

Guest Cast: Evan Ross as Angel, Patti LaBelle as Miss Christine, Major as Cousin Rashad, Glenn MaGee as Cousin Duke, Kia Shine as Leon, Erika Tham as Amber and Harold Perrineau as Bobby Brooks.

Airdate: Wednesday 17 April 2019 at 9.00pm on FOX.

Season 3, Episode 15



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