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Stath Lets Flats: A Actually Good Person (S3EP4 Channel 4 Tues 16 Nov 2021)



The third series of the BAFTA-winning comedy, written by and starring Jamie Demetriou as Stath, the incompetent Greek-Cypriot letting agent who works in the family business, Michael & Eagle Lettings, in north London.

In A Actually Good Person Stath is shamed online after being secretly filmed by a flat viewer. He tries to defend himself by appearing on Greek internet TV and performing a humiliating act for charity, which only threatens to bring more shame to Michael & Eagle…

Writer/Creator: Jamie Demetriou; Dir: Andrew Gaynord; Prod: Seb Barwell; Exec Prods: Ash Atalla, Jamie Demetriou; Prod Co: Roughcut Television

Airdate: Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 10.15pm on Channel 4.

Season 3 Episode 4