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Still Game: Hitched (S9EP5 BBC-1 Fri 26 Jul 2019)



Hitched: Love is in the air in the penultimate episode of Still Game, as the gang rally together to create an unforgettable wedding day for one of the pals. There’s lots to organise – the food, the flowers, the venue and the wedding band – but the friends all say ‘I do!’ to making a love match to remember.

Jack and Victor have a chance encounter with their old pal Andy Forrester who brags about being a big wig museum curator. Listening to Andy, the pals feel like underachievers but all is not as it seems.

Winston’s found happiness with his lady friend Winnie. During a particularly enjoyable day – which involved winding up Stevie the Bookie – the excitement gets too much for him and a surprise wedding proposal slips out.

Back in The Clansman, Winston announces he’s getting hitched, opting for a quick wedding just days away. The only trouble is Winston’s promised Winnie the world, but doesn’t have the means to make their dream wedding a reality.

Unable to tell his fiancé the truth, Winston digs himself deeper – so Jack, Victor, Tam, Isa, and Navid band together to give the couple the perfect day.

Boabby dusts off his wee black book to find a wedding band to get the party started, while Jack and Victor turn to their old curator pal Andy for the romantic venue.

Jack is played by Ford Kiernan, Victor by Greg Hemphill, Andy Forrester by Stuart Bowman, Winston by Paul Riley, Winnie by Joanna Tope, Stevie the Bookie by Matt Costello, Tam by Mark Cox, Isa by Jane McCarry, Navid by Sanjeev Kohli and Boabby by Gavin Mitchell. Also starring Shamshad Akhtar as Meena, Lynne McCallum as Peggy, Kate Donnelly as Frances, with cameo appearances by Midge Ure, Clare Grogan and Amy Macdonald.

Still Game is a BBC Studios production for BBC Scotland and BBC One.

Airdate: Friday 26 July 2019 from 9.00pm-9.30pm on BBC ONE

Season 9, Episode 5