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Still Game: Over the Hill (Series Finale BBC-1 Fri 2 Aug 2019)



Over the Hill: It’s last orders as the Still Game story comes to an end. In this poignant final episode, comedy fans bid a fond farewell to Jack, Victor and the rest of the Craiglang gang in a memorable must-see finale.

While animal lover Isa gets into a financial fix thanks to her charitable habits, Jack and Victor finally go on an adventure they’ve been planning for years.

At the Clansman the pals reflect about the marching of time, which puts Jack into a contemplative mood. He realises that he and Victor should stop making up excuses and accomplish their long-standing ambition to climb world-famous Munro, Ben Lomond.

Energised and with new resolve, Jack and Victor invite Tam, Winston and Boabby to join their exciting expedition. Excuses are thin on the ground so the gang reluctantly agree to join Jack and Victor on their outdoor adventure.

Isa confesses to a shocked Navid she’s addicted to animal charities, and is financially strapped thanks to her furry friends. So while Navid stages an intervention the boys head off to Ben Lomond to conquer a mountain and make memories.

This must-see finale celebrates the iconic comedy, tugging at heart strings and featuring all the Still Game favourites. That’s plenty!

Jack is played by Ford Kiernan, Victor by Greg Hemphill, Isa by Jane McCarry, Tam by Mark Cox, Winston by Paul Riley, Boabby by Gavin Mitchell and Navid by Sanjeev Kohli. Also starring Shamshad Akhtar as Meena, Paul Young as Shug, Maureen Carr as Edith and Gary Lewis as Rab.

Airdate: Friday 2 August 2019 from 9.00pm-9.30pm on BBC ONE.

Season 9, Episode 6