Storyville: Inside Kabul (BBC Four Tuesday 23 May 2023)




Storyville: Inside Kabul airs Tuesday 23 May 2023 on BBC Four

The lives and futures of two young Afghan women, Raha and Marwa, were irrevocably altered in 2021 when the Taliban retook power.

The voice notes that Raha and Marwa left for one another in the months that followed inspired the animated film Inside Kabul.

Raha opted to remain in Kabul despite the regime’s brutality, the sudden restrictions placed on the rights of ordinary citizens (especially women), and the deepening crisis that the country was experiencing at the time.

Marwa and her husband escaped just in time, and now they’re waiting to be accepted into another country from a refugee camp in Abu Dhabi.

Season 2023 Episode 11

Series showcasing the best of international documentary filmmakers works.

What time is Storyville: Inside Kabul on tonight

Storyville: Inside Kabul airs Tuesday 23 May 2023 at 22:00 on BBC Four

Featured image credit: BBC Four

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