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Strangers: Call of the Wild (ITV 16 Jan 1979, Paul Copley)



In Call of the Wild Bulman is working undercover as a taxi driver in a bid to infiltrate a gang of villains, he joins a group of thieves who use a travel agency to work out when well to do people are away on holiday. Bulman is keeping this one close to his chest and doesn’t realise that Willis is also working on the same case. His snout Des is one of the gang and his info almost leads to Bulman getting caught mid break-in.

Another episode that ups the action quotient somewhat complete with car chase. There is plenty of humour too especially in the scenes involving Cyril and Debbie at the travel agency. There is also some genuine hilarity when Willis and Bulman try to take on the huge henchman Bulk and definitely come off second best.

There is also a subplot involving Detective Sergeant Singer getting on the trio’s back about filling in their copybooks about what they are doing on a day to day basis and filing proper reports. That is never going to happen of course and the whole thing does smack a little of giving John Ronane’s Sgt Singer something to do.

Strangers Call of The Wild

A fish and chip supper after another reprimand from Sgt Singer who wants more accountability of the day to day activities of the trio.

classic quote
“keep trying Sarge, and one day if you are lucky you might come up with a funny.”

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 16 January 1979 at 9.00pm

Writer: Leslie Duxbury / Production Design: Chris Wilkinson / Director: Baz Taylor

Series: Strangers Season 2 Episode 2

Don Henderson as Bulman
Dennis Blanch as Willis
Frances Tomelty as Linda Doran
John Ronane as Detective Sergeant Singer
Paul Copley as Des White
Bob Mason as Detective Sergeant Foster
Johnny Maxfield as Snooker player
Alan Hunter as Gary Bains
Tommy Ryan as Barman
Deidre Costello as Debbie Ramsey
Marlene Sidaway as Customer
Geoffrey Wilkinson as Cyril Smedley
Ron Tarr as Bulk