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Strangers: Friends In High Places (ITV 30 Jan 1979, Anthony Steel)



In Friends In High Places respected business Sir Harry Adams is accosted by two punks who attempt to mug him. Sir Harry is helped by Mike Winter who badly beats one of the two punks and quickly makes himself indispensable to the businessman. Especially when Sir Harry decides to deny all involvement in the beating.

When they discover that Sir Harry is having a somewhat indiscreet affair the team think Mike Winter is setting him up for a fall.

George is very bitter about Rainbow not telling him about his possible chance of promotion. He heads to London to discover if it’s true (which it is of course).

Fiona Mollison makes a strong debut here as new team member Detective Constable Vanessa Bennett.

Friends In High Places Fiona Mollison

Fiona Mollison as Vanessa Bennett.

classic quote
“He could be a Mike, we used to have a labrador called Mike. Looked just like him.”

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 30 January 1979 at 9.00pm

Writer: Murray Smith / Production Design: Colin Rees / Director: Bill Gilmour

Series: Strangers Season 2 Episode 4

Don Henderson as George Bulman
Dennis Blanch as Willis
John Ronane as Singer
David Hargreaves as Rainbow
Derek Fowlds as Mike Winter
Anthony Steel as Sir Harry Adams
Freddie Jones as Effingham
Fiona Mollison as Vanessa Bennett
Jon Junior as Punk Rocker
Nigel Harris as Hooky Walker
Fiona Gray as Beth Adams
Anne Steele as Mrs Cavendish
Barbara Bell as Emma
Tina Robinson as Georgina
Anthony Wingate as Pat Brown
Christie Sansome as Janice
Neil Murray as Policeman
Leslie Lawton as Detective Inspector Grace
Ina Clough as Frieda