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Strangers: Marriages, Deaths and Births (ITV 6 Feb 1979)



In Marriages, Deaths and Births, the final episode of the second season Bulman decides to arrest a well known villain Johnny Carmos, a member of a major gangland family, during his wedding. Things go badly wrong when Carmos’s psychotic brother Nick pulls a gun and not only shoots Bulman but then takes him hostage. It leads to a dangerous manhunt and a fight to bring down Nick before Bullman dies.

A strong finish to the second season, with legend Bill Fraser popping up as head of the Carmos family and rising star Ben Cross as the somewhat deranged Nick.

Season three brought some major changes as Bulman, Willis and Bennett headed back to London.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 6 February 1979 at 9.00pm

Writer: Murray Smith / Production Design: David Buxton / Director: Charles Sturridge

Series: Strangers Season 2 Episode 5

Don Henderson as Detective Sergeant Bulman
Dennis Blanch as Detective Constable Willis
Fiona Mollison as Bennett
John Ronane as Singer
David Hargreaves as Rainbow
George Camiller as Johnny Carmos
Ben Cross as Nick Carmos
Bill Fraser as Aristotle Carmos
Patrick Durkin as Mike Ryan
James Copeland as Willie Mauchin
Alec Hayes as Priest
Tony Melody as Joe Revell
Tommy Boyle as Frankie Revell
Johnnie Tweed as Journalist
Sue Cornell as Jounalist
Jo Beadle as W.P.C.
T.P. McKenna as Chief Constable