Strictly It Takes Two: Episode 50 (Friday 2 December 2022 BBC Two)



Strictly - It Takes Two

Today Friday 2 December 2022 the show Strictly It Takes Two airs a new episode.

Tonight’s episode Episode 50 airs Friday 2 December 2022 at 6.30pm on BBC Two.

Episode Summary

In this hourlong special, Rylan is joined by three celebrity superfans who are also eager to hear even more exclusive Strictly information. As the remaining couples prepare for the Musicals Week extravaganza, there is also a sneak peek at their rehearsals in the Strictly studio.

Airdate, Episode Count and Show Info

Friday 2 December 2022 at 6.30pm on BBC Two.

Season 20 Episode 50

Strictly Come Dancing backstage gossip, including secrets, slips, and stories from the practise rooms.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Two

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