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Suitcase Killer: The Melanie Mcguire Story Premieres Sat June 18 on Lifetime



Based on a shocking true story, Melanie McGuire (Candice King) was an exceptional fertility nurse, married to her ex-Navy husband Bill (Michael Roark) and doting mother of two boys. When she falls for Brad (Jackson Hurst), a doctor at her clinic, and gets entangled in a steamy love affair, Melanie does the unthinkable. After drugging and murdering Bill, she dismembers him and places the body parts into three suitcases, throwing them into Chesapeake Bay.

But when the suitcases are found on the shores of Virginia Beach, an investigation is launched leading to Melanie as the prime suspect. Led by the efforts of assistant attorney general Patti Prezioso (Wendie Malick), authorities eventually bring Melanie to justice, who despite being convicted, continues to maintain her innocence.

Cast: Candice King (Melanie McGuire), Michael Roark (Bill McGuire), Jackson Hurst (Brad), Wendie Malick (Patti Prezioso)

Written by Peter O’Brien and directed by Nicole L.Thompson.

Airdate: Sunday June 19, 2022 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.