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Summer House: Summer House Winter Charm 101 (S5EP Bravo Mon 25 Oct 2021)



Summer House Winter Charm 101: The cast looks back on some of their most dramatic moments and teases their new show “Winter House.”

Airdate: Mon 25 Oct 2021 at 23:30 on Bravo

Season 5 Episode 

When a group of beautiful and successful New Yorkers leaves the comforts of the Big Apple behind to party the summer away in their home away from home, nothing is off limits. Bravo’s new series Summer House takes the beach town of Montauk, New York by storm, while following a group of nine friends who make the exclusive enclave their go-to party spot between Memorial Day and Labor Day — that is, when they’re not hustling at their day jobs. You could say they work hard and party way harder.