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Sun, Sea And Selling Houses: Today (Monday 28 November 2022 Channel 4)



Four In A Bed

Today Monday 28 November 2022 the show Sun, Sea And Selling Houses airs an episode called Today on Channel 4

Today: Steve and Sharon Garner, a husband and wife team, assist Melanie and Arthur in their search for the ideal Spanish home within their 295,000 euro budget in Almera. Melanie has been daydreaming about a big house for the past 50 years that will fit the two of them and their 5000-book library. Will the couple’s lofty demands be too much for the Garners to handle, or can they be met?

Married couple Mark and Paula are considering moving from Amsterdam to the Algarve in Portugal, where they want a luxury home with enough space for their three children and pets to play. Their budget is 2,000,000 euros, and real estate agents Chris and Angela are excited to work with them to find their dream home in the Algarve.

Back home in Almera, the Garners are preparing for a day of go-karting to honor the birthday of their son-in-law Matt. However, with only two family members willing to take the wheel, Shaun and Matt must race the track for family honor. The big day has finally arrived for Chris and Claire to open their second branch in Portugal.

Airdate, Episode Count and Show Info

Monday 28 November 2022 at 4.00pm on Channel 4.

Season 5 Episode 21

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4