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Sunday Night Theatre: The Midsummer Dream of Chief Inspector Blossom (ITV Sun 2 Jan 1972, Leslie Sands, Sarah Lawson)



Sunday Night Theatre Midsummer Dream of Chief Inspector Blossom Sarah Lawson Leslie Sands

In The Midsummer Dream of Chief Inspector Blossom, Harry Masters is TV most popular detective but after six years in the role he is convinced he is in a rut.

Lots of well known faces popping up in this production, besides the always likeable Leslie Sands there were roles for Sarah Lawson as his wife Mary. Lawson (long time wife of fellow actor Patrick Allen) was a film and TV regular from the 1950’s onward. Her most prominent role was probably her one season run as Governor Sarah Marshall in Within These Walls. Glyn Owen would later in the year star in the first season of The Brothers as Ted Hammond (a role that would be played by Patrick O’Connell for the rest of the series run). Connie Booth of Fawlty Towers fame had a small role as did Nicholas Young as Harry’s son Chris. Young would go on to be a mainstay of classic genre show The Tomorrow People.

Despite not being the lead there was a feature interview with Maxwell Shaw in the week’s TV Times. Shaw was a TV regular in the 1950’s and 1960s but not as much by the times of this play. He was more involved with Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop during the 1970’s. The interview mentioned that he had recently had an heart operation having lived with a serious condition for most of his life. He was only 56 when he died in 1985.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 2 January 1972 at 10.15pm

Series: Sunday Night Theatre Episode 34 of 93

Writer and Director: John Nelson Burton / Production Design: Anthony Waller

Leslie Sands as Harry Masters
Sarah Lawson as Mary Masters
Glyn Owen as Brian Wincott
Maxwell Shaw as Monty Parsons
John Westbrook as Malcolm English
Trevor Baxter as Peter Brick
Bill Horsley as Bill
Alister Williamson as Frank Kilbey
Connie Booth as Libby
Nicholas Young as Chris Masters
Harry Davis as Jack
Carlos Douglas as Luigi
Susan Wherrett as Production assistant
Phillip Hinton as TV director
Lilian Verner as Waitress