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Sunny Spain with Alex Polizzi Series Premiere (S1EP1 Channel 5 Sat 15 Jan 2022)



The hotelier shares her passion for Spain’s culture and people, and makes some new discoveries along the way. She begins in the north east, a region often overlooked by Brits, where she enjoys a luxurious cabernet grape body scrub, and is shown around an astonishing cellar full of ancient wines.

Alex experiences the craziness of the San Fermin fiesta, including the legendary running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona, before heading to Barcelona – Spain’s second largest city – famous for its vibrant, cosmopolitan character, and abundance of art and architecture.

Two hours.

Airdate: Saturday 15 January 2022 at 3.00pm on Channel 5.

Season 1 Episode 1