Superior Donuts: Painted Love (CBS 10 Apr 2017, with Michael McDonald)

Superior Donuts

In Painted Love, Arthur encourages Franco to pursue his art but is caught off guard when Franco paints a mural on the side of the donut shop that sparks controversy in the neighborhood. Also, Fawz decides to run for president of the Uptown Business Council.

Judd Hirsch (Arthur Przybyszewski)
Jermaine Fowler (Franco Wicks)
Katey Sagal (Randy DeLuca)
David Koechner (Carl “Tush” Tushinski)
Maz Jobrani (Fawz)
Anna Baryshnikov (Maya)
Darien Sills-Evans (James Jordan)
Rell Battle (Sweatpants)

Michael McDonald (Manfred)
Jim Titus (Mike)
Julian Gant (Vince)

WRITTEN BY: Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
DIRECTED BY: Betsy Thomas

Series: Superior Donuts Season 1 Episode 10
Airdate: Monday 10 April 2017 at 9.00pm on CBS

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