Survivor: What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile (CBS 12 Apr 2017)

Survivor Season 34

In What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile, emotions run high when the game begins to take a toll on one tribe, and castaways try to pull their way to safety at a physical immunity challenge.

“Mana” Tribe “Nuku” Tribe
Aubry Bracco Andrea Boehlke
Michaela Bradshaw Sarah Lacina
Brad Culpepper Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth
Sierra Dawn-Thomas Zeke Smith
Cirie Fields Tai Trang
Hali Ford Jeff Varner
Troyzan Robertson Debbie Wanner

Eliminated Castaways
Ciera Eastin (1st Eliminated)
Tony Vlachos (2nd Eliminated)
Caleb Reynolds (3rd Eliminated)
Malcolm Freburg (4th Eliminated)
James “J.T.” Thomas (5th Eliminated)
Sandra Diaz Twine (6th Eliminated)

SURVIVOR is hosted by Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by S.E.G. Holdco., LLC. Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst are executive producers.

Series: Survivor Season 34 Episode 7
Airdate: Wednesday 12 April 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on CBS

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