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Survivors: A Friend in Need (S2EP7 BBC One 12 May 1976, with Vivienne Burgess)



A Friend in Need: Charles and Greg hold a meeting at Whitecross with leaders of nearby settlements to try to come to some co-operative agreements. The event is interrupted by the news that the wife of one of the leaders has been killed by a sniper. It is soon learned that the sniper targets young women and seems to be travelling towards Whitecross. Jenny, bravely volunteers to act as bait to bring the sniper out into the open…

guest cast
William Wilde (Boult), Vivienne Burgess (Mrs McGregor), Emrys Leyshon (Roberts), Paul Grist (Morris), Andrew Bradford (Sniper)

Writer: Ian McCulloch
Director: Eric Hills

Airdate: Wednesday 12 May 1976 on BBC One.

Season 2, Episode 7

Series: Survivors