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Survivors: A Little Learning (S3EP2 BBC One 23 Mar 1977, with Prentis Hancock)



A Little Learning: Jenny is searching for Greg alone. Not far away Greg is travelling with Agnes when they come across an old woman in distress. She introduces herself as Mrs Butterworth and explains that she is being plagued by what she terms ‘red indians’. Greg investigates and discovers a community of children are behind the raids on her house. They are led by a tough boy called Eagle who does not want Greg to interfere, despite the fact that many of their number are dying of a mysterious illness…

This is the first episode with Anna Pitt playing the part of Agnes Carlsson.

guest cast
Sylvia Coleridge (Mrs Butterworth), Joseph Mckenna (Eagle), Sean Caffrey (Millar), Prentis Hancock (Mackintosh), Johanna Sheffield (Libbie), Christopher Huxtable (Philip), John Barrard (Mr Oliver), Nicola Glickman (Annie), Keith Collins (Barnie), Richard Beaumont (Cliff)

Writer: Ian McCulloch
Director: George Spenton-Foster

Airdate: Wednesday 23 March 1977 on BBC One.

Season 3, Episode 2

Series: Survivors