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Survivors: Gone to the Angels (S1EP5 BBC One Wed 14 May 1975)



Gone to the Angels: Abby is still searching for Peter and returns to his school. Meanwhile Jenny and Greg meet two children, John and Lizzie who are keen to join them. They have a lead which may help in the search for Peter. Before ‘the death’ some individuals, who were nicknamed ‘the angels’ by the press, foresaw the impending catastrophe and isolated themselves. It is thought that some of the boys from the school went to find them. Jenny, Greg and the children make an abandoned house their base, whilst Abby sets off to find ‘the angels’…

This episode introduces John Millon (Stephen Dudley), and Lizzie Willoughby (Tanya Ronder).

guest cast
Peter Miles (Lincoln), Frederick Hall (Jack), Nickolas Grace (Matthew), Kenneth Caswell (Robert),

Writer: Jack Ronder
Director: Gerald Blake

Airdate: Wednesday 14 May 1975 on BBC One.

Season 1, Episode 5

Series: Survivors