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Survivors: Reunion (S3EP6 BBC One 20 Apr 1977, with Jon Lee)



Reunion: Jenny, Charles and Hubert meet vet Janet Millon when a shepherd friend of Hubert is injured. Whilst enjoying her hospitality they discover to their amazement that she is the mother of their John, who is back at Challoner with Pet and Jack. Jenny has grown tired of her search for Greg and elects to return with Janet, as she wants to see her son too. When Pet tells John the news his reaction is puzzling…

guest cast
Jean Gilpin (Janet Millon), Jon Lee (Philip Hurst), George Waring (Walter),

Writer: Don Shaw
Director: Tristan De Vere Cole

Airdate: Wednesday 20 April 1977 on BBC One.

Season 3, Episode 6

Series: Survivors