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Survivors: Sparks (S3EP8 BBC One 4 May 1977, with William Dysart)



Sparks: Charles, Frank, Jenny and Hubert are now searching for former electrical engineer Alec Campbell (William Dysart) with a view to using his skills to restore electrical power to the nation. However, they discover Alec to be withdrawn and unco-operative and still mourning his long dead wife. When he continues to refuse to help, Frank resolves to take stronger measures which involve some pethadine and Jenny…

First appearance for William Dysart as Alec Campbell.

guest cast
William Dysart (Alec Campbell), Gabrielle Hamilton (Letty), John Bennett (Queenie), Linda Polan (Bet), John White (Vic),

Writer: Roger Parkes
Director: Tristan De Vere Cole

Airdate: Wednesday 4 May 1977 on BBC One.

Season 3, Episode 8

Series: Survivors