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Survivors: Spoil of War (S1EP8 BBC One Wed 11 Jun 1975, with Chris Tranchell)



Spoil of War: When agricultural expert Paul Pitman (Christopher Tranchell) arrives at the grange, Greg feels threatened but the others welcome his expertise. When Greg remembers the supplies in the quarry (Genesis), Tom and Barney are sent to fetch them. Two more survivors arrive, former company director Arthur Russell (Michael Gover) and his secretary Charmian Wentworth (Eileen Helsby) who has stuck with him since ‘the death’. Arthur’s attitude infuriates Abby. When Tom and Barney fail to return, Greg and Paul set off after them in Arthur’s landrover…

Writer: M. K. Jeeves (Clive Exton)
Director: Gerald Blake

Airdate: Wednesday 11 June 1975 on BBC One.

Season 1, Episode 8

Series: Survivors