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Survivors: Starvation (S1EP7 BBC One Wed 4 Jun 1975, with Talfryn TYhomas)



Starvation: A young woman called Wendy (Julie Neubert) and an old woman called Emma (Hana Maria Pravda) have foraged since ‘the death’ but are now going hungry. Wendy meets Tom Price (Talfryn Thomas) and steals his food. Abby meanwhile rescues Emma from a pack of wild dogs, whilst Greg, Jenny and the children draw them off in their minibus. Tom wants his revenge on Wendy but doesn’t reckon on Abby’s presence. Meanwhile Greg and the others arrive at a deserted country grange, which may be just the place they need…

This episode introduces Wendy (Julie Neubert), Emma Cohen (Hana Maria Pravda), and Barney (John Hallett). It also re-introduces Tom Price (Talfryn Thomas).

Writer: Jack Ronder
Director: Pennant Roberts

Airdate: Wednesday 4 June 1975 on BBC One.

Season 1, Episode 7

Series: Survivors