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Survivors: The Chosen (S2EP9 BBC One 26 May 1976, with Philip Madoc)



The Chosen: Charles and Pet are returning from a salt collecting expedition when they meet two other travellers who become very ill. They take them to a nearby settlement in an old army camp. The community there is run like a police state where eugenics, euthansia and religious fervour all hold sway. The people there are led by a charismatic man called Max Kershaw and his second in command Joy Dunn. Pet is fearful that they may not be allowed to leave, whilst Charles is summoned to speak to the community’s council…

guest cast
Philip Madoc (Max Kershaw), Clare Kelly (Joy Dunn), James Cosmo (Lenny Carter), Vanessa Millard (Nancy), David Goodland (Sammy), David Neilson (Mike), David Sibley (Kim), Elizabeth Cassidy (Susan)

Writer: Roger Parkes
Director: Eric Hills

Airdate: Wednesday 26 May 1976 on BBC One.

Season 2, Episode 9

Series: Survivors