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Survivors: The Last Laugh (S3EP10 BBC One 18 May 1977, with George Mallaby)



The Last Laugh: Greg is looking for a Dr.Adams who he thinks is being held captive. He is attacked by four men who steal all his notes on the settlements he has visited. He survives the encounter but runs into further danger when he finds Dr.Adams, who has contracted smallpox. Greg must now wait until the incubation period is over to see if he has contracted the disease…

guest cast
Clifton Jones (Dr Adams), George Mallaby (Mason), Richard Cornish (Chris), Roy Boyd (Tilley), Jon Glover (Dave), David Cook (Irvine), Paul Humpoletz (Powell),

Writer: Ian McCulloch
Director: Peter Jefferies

Airdate: Wednesday 18 May 1977 on BBC One.

Season 3, Episode 10

Series: Survivors