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Survivors: The Peacemaker (S3EP7 BBC One 27 Apr 1977, with Edward Underdown)



The Peacemaker: Charles, Jenny and Hubert arrive at a settlement based around a working mill. The community there has been influenced and led by former personnel headhunter Frank Garner (Edward Underdown) and Rutna, a young Indian woman. Their guiding principle is the belief that man died (during ‘the death’) and now needs to be re-born to a new way of life. Frank makes several failed attempts to speak to Charles alone and is clearly uneasy about something. When Charles, Jenny and Hubert’s horses are poisoned with yew branches they have no choice but to stay another day…

guest cast
Heather Emmanuel (Rutna), Alan Halley (Henry), Nicolette Roeg (Blossom), Paul Seed (Grant), John Grieve (McLain), Derek Martin (Cyril), Norman Robbins (Bentley), Brian Conly (Michael), Edward Underdown (Frank Garner)

Writer: Roger Parkes
Director: George Spenton-Foster

Airdate: Wednesday 27 April 1977 on BBC One.

Season 3, Episode 7

Series: Survivors