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Sutherland’s Law: Caesar’s Wife (S2EP2 BBC 22 May 1974, Iris Russell)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Caesar’s Wife: When a respectable woman, a personal friend of Sutherland’s, is arrested for shoplifting it soon becomes evident that vital information is being withheld. Why?

Cast: Iain Cuthbertson (John Sutherland), Martin Cochrane (David Drummond), Maev Alexander (Christine Russell), Donald McKillop (Sergeant McKechnie), Moultrie Kelsall (Sheriff), Edith Macarthur (Doctor Judith Roberts), Iris Russell, Anthony Garner, Wilma Duncan, Laurence Hardy, Xanthi Gardner, Jack Angus, Adam Urquhart

Writer: Lindsay Galloway / Director: Douglas Camfield

Original Airdate: 22 May 1974 on BBC
Series: Sutherland’s Law Season 2 Episode 2