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Sutherland’s Law: The Dutchies (S1EP4 BBC-1 27 Jun 1973, Ronald Radd)



The Dutchies: What matters more – that justice should be served or that a whole town should be ruined? Sutherland has to decide whether the Law serves the people or the people serve the Law.

Cast: Iain Cuthbertson (John Sutherland), Gareth Thomas (Alec Duthie), Maev Alexander (Christine Russell), Donald McKillop (Sergeant McKechnie), Ronald Radd, Angus MacPhail, David Steuart, Jessie Morton, Hans Mater, Saul Reichlin, Jackie Farrell, Dorothy Paul, Ernest Mace, Benny Young, Jonathan Carr, George Howell, William Penn

Original Airdate: 27 Jun 1973 on BBC-1
Series: Sutherland’s Law Season 1 Episode 4