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Sutherland’s Law: The Killing (S1EP13 BBC-1 5 Sep 1973, Denis Lill)



The Killing: What is the difference between killing and murder? The soldier and the poisoner both know, but Sutherland has the most difficult decision of his career to make.

Cast: Iain Cuthbertson (John Sutherland), Gareth Thomas (Alec Duthie), Maev Alexander (Christine Russell), Donald McKillop (Sergeant McKechnie), Moultrie Kelsall (Sheriff), Anthony Bate, James Boyce, E. J. P. Mace, Bill Henderson, Harriet Buchan, Desmond Reilly, Effie Morrison, Denis Lill, Robert James, Alex McCrindle, Walter Jackson, Alex Norton, Duncan McIntyre, Ken Henderson, Arthur Boland

Original Airdate: 5 Sep 1973 on BBC-1
Series: Sutherland’s Law Season 1 Episode 13