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Sutherland’s Law: The Partnership (S2EP7 BBC 17 Jul 1974, Garfield Morgan)



The Partnership: Who or what caused the death of Ian Mackay? Whatever the answer there are problems for the widow, the business partner and, Sutherland discovers, the insurance man.

Cast: Iain Cuthbertson (John Sutherland), Martin Cochrane (David Drummond), Maev Alexander (Christine Russell), Donald McKillop (Sergeant McKechnie), Harriet Buchan (Gail Munro), Donald Douglas, Garfield Morgan, Raymond Ross, Susan Tracy, Ron Paterson, Jackie Farrell, Richard Beagle, E. J. P. Mace, Brown Derby

Writer: Anthony Read / Director: Martin Patrick Friend

Original Airdate: 17 Jul 1974 on BBC
Series: Sutherland’s Law Season 2 Episode 7