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Sutherland’s Law: The Sea (S1EP2 BBC-1 13 Jun 1973, James Cosmo)



The Sea: The new Depute Fiscal in the town of Glendoran conducts a Fatal Accident Enquiry. But did Ian Campbell fall accidentally from the deck of the fishing boat ‘Alert’ or will the Court find a murderer among the witnesses? Will Sutherland have to admit that blood is sometimes not as thick as water?

Cast: Iain Cuthbertson (John Sutherland), Gareth Thomas (Alec Duthie), Maev Alexander (Christine Russell), Donald McKillop (Sergeant McKechnie), Sheelah Wilcocks, Sandra Clark, Neil Wilson, Steve Gardner, Richard Hampton, John Mackenzie, Roger Hammond, Jill Brooke, Robert Fyffe, Richard Armour, James Cosmo

Original Airdate: 13 Jun 1973 on BBC-1
Series: Sutherland’s Law Season 1 Episode 2