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The Sweeney: Big Spender (ITV 13 Mar 1975, with Warren Mitchell)



Sweeney Big Spender

In Big Spender Haskins wants Regan to go after the Smith brothers, three brothers he is convinced is responsible for a spate of robberies. Regan is convinced the case is a waste of time as there is nothing to go but when he and Carter end up in a car chase with youngest brother Barry they discover he is carrying £10,000 in cash.

Further investigation leads them to Wardle the crooked cashier of a large car park. He and the brothers have a scam that involves fake parking tickets and skimming off large chunks of cash every week. Wardle, a mild mannered accountant, is very much out of his depth. Regan knows he is the key to bringing down the brothers Smith.

Sweeney Big Spender

Godfrey James and Catherine Schell

Lots of familiar in this episode, even in minor roles – Crackerjack favourite Peter Glaze has a small part as a bookmaker, Blake’s 7 alumni Sally Knyvette is a sexy secretary and the the three brothers Smith are played by the fabulous Godfrey James, Julian Holloway and Billy Hamon (Hamon was then something of a rising name, a couple of months later he had one of the leads in teen drama The Siege of Golden Hill. Warren Mitchell has the lead guest star role though as crooked businessman Wardle alongside glamorous Catherine Schell as his girl.

Sweeney Big Spender

A dragged up Warren Mitchell – surely the stuff of nightmares.

production details
UK /ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 13 March 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Allan Prior / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Series: The Sweeney Season 1 Episode 11

John Thaw as Jack Regan
Dennis Waterman as George Carter
Garfield Morgan as Frank Haskins
Warren Mitchell as William Wardle
Catherine Schell as Stella Goodman
Godfrey James as Charley Smith
Julian Holloway as John Smith
Billy Hamon as Barry Smith
Maureen Pryor as Enid Wardle
Peter Armitage as Jacko
Peter Glaze as Joe Spratt
Sally Knyvette as Angela