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The Sweeney: Feet of Clay (ITV 2 Nov 1978, with Joss Ackland)



In Feet of Clay Regan and Carter are on secondment to the serious crime squad trying to crack a case involving a group of toughs who are mugging wealthy Arab businessmen when they leave various gambling clubs.

Meanwhile former informer Alan Ember desperately needs Regan’s help. His adult son, Paul, has gone missing and Ember is receiving threatening phone calls. Regan goes out on his own to help him.

In a bit of a subplot George seems to be getting quite serious with his latest girlfriend, although we don’t see anything of her other than a brief shot of her in bed but they are apparently living together.

The Sweeney Feet of Clay Cheryl Campbell

Cheryl Campbell is Erica, a casual girlfriend of Paul’s.

Lots of well known faces popping up in this strong episode. The always lovely Carol Drinkwater plays an old flame of Regans, Geoffrey Palmer is the serious crime squad boss Regan and Carter are working under. Cheryl Campbell is a girlfriend of the missing Paul. Meanwhile the brilliant Joss Ackland is the troubled Ember. Comedy actor John Junkin plays straight as the owner of a taxi yard.

The Sweeney Feet of Clay Carol Drinkwater

Carol Drinkwater plays Roz, the same year she would make a major breakthrough as Helen in All Creatures Great and Small.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 2 November 1978 at 9.00pm

Writer: Roger Marshall / Director: Chris Jury

Series: The Sweeney Season 4 Episode 9

John Thaw as Jack Regan
Dennis Waterman as George Carter
Joss Ackland as Alan Ember
Carol Drinkwater as Roz
Thelma Whiteley as Margot Ember
Brian Capron as Colin
David Wilkinson as Paul Ember
Cheryl Campbell as Erica
Geoffrey Palmer as Commander Watson
Philippa Gail as D.C.I. Barton
Robert Oates as D.I. Jim Hinxman
John Junkin as Taxi yard proprietor
Diana Weston as W.P.C. Janet Reynolds
Stuart Blake as Doctor
Marc Zuber as Abdul
Richard Mottau as Peck
John G. Heller as Casino Manager
Lydia Lisle as Mary
Wendy Young as Jo