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The Sweeney: Pay Off (ITV 29 Nov 1976, with Geraldine James)



The Sweeney Title

In Pay Off George’s new girlfriend Shirley Glass persuades him to look into the mysterious disappearance of her previous boyfriend, Eddie Glass, a year previously. Shirley is a croupier at a gambling establishment (which is where she met George) run by the villainous Drake. There is clearly something in Eddie’s disappearance, he was also working for Drake at the time he went missing. George does some digging on his own account and discovers that Glass may have been involved in a bullion raid.

Unfortunately Haskins doesn’t want to know, he tells George that he can’t see the wood for the trees and tells him to take seven days leave. The body of Eddie Glass then turns up. Drake, who was the organiser of the bullion raid, wants Shirley out the way. He arranges for one of hip men to reveal where Eddie is buried. It’s a set up though, Drake and his men are waiting there for Shirley and George.

Despite Regan and Haskins saving the day and rescuing Shirley and George, it doesn’t turn out too great for George. Shirley is convinced that George was using her all along to get to Drake. He wasn’t of course but she won’t be convinced. The final scene is excellent. Haskins offers George a lift home but he refuses “I’m still on leave remember.” Further down the track though Regan is waiting, car door open and George resignedly gets in.

Geraldine James takes centre stage as Shirley and there is another foray into straight acting for Dave King as the mean Drake.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 29 November 1976 at 9.00pm

Writer: Peter J. Hammond / Director: Douglas Camfield

Series: The Sweeney Season 3 Episode 10

John Thaw as Jack Regan
Dennis Waterman as George Carter
Garfield Morgan as Frank Haskins
Geraldine James as Shirley Glass
Dave King as Drake
Ken Kitson as Killick
George Harris as Franklyn
William Armour as Murdock
John Alkin as Daniels
Anthony Douse as Millan
James Warrior as Taffy
David Ellison as Vaughton