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The Sweeney: Supersnout (ITV 15 Sep 1975, with Bill Maynard)



The Sweeney Title

In Supersnout Haskins is away in Toronto so Detective Chief Inspector Quirk is currently im charge. He seem to have inside knowledge on the activities of a team of blaggers. It’s clear he has a snout (someone willing to sell information) on the team

Meanwhile Regan’s own snout, the seedy Stickley, seems to be involved with the crooks too. Although he has proved useful in the past Regan is sure he is trying to put one over on him.

Quirk has big ambitions and plans to film the robbery to use as a training film, he has even invited over members of the German state police to watch the operation. Despite the meticulous planning of the operation things do not go according to plan. In fact the whole thing has been a set up by the odious Stickley as pay back to Quirk who was responsible for putting stickley away years before.

Quite a funny episode with a typically first rate performance from Bill Maynard as the quirky Quirk. The TV Times of the week’s episode (13 Sep 75) devoted quite a bit of space to Brandy Di Frank, a cabaret artist who plays a stripper in a scene where Regan talks to Stickley.

classic quote
“Some things about this job are great and some things stink. The more you get involved with dirt… Let’s go and have a drink.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 15 September 1975 at 9.00pm

Writer: Ranald Graham / Director: Tom Clegg

Series: The Sweeney Season 2 Episode 3

John Thaw as Regan
Dennis Waterman as Carter
Bill Maynard as Detective Chief Inspector Quirk
John Tordoff as Stickley
Vernon Dobtcheff as Kretchmar
Carl Duering as Dantziz
Rosemarie Dunham as The Dowager
Christopher Coll as Shop Owner
George Silver as Yannos
Vincent Wong as Japanese Tourist
Frank Coda as Quirk’s Snout
Geoffrey Drew as Stooge
Brandy Di Frank as Stripper