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Swindler Seduction Premieres Saturday October 22 on Lifetime



Swindler Seduction

In Swindler Seduction, at first glance, Steve (Colton Haynes), a charming and sweet man who works as an angel investor and recently sold a company for millions of dollars, seems like the ideal partner for Louisa (Gabrielle Graham) when they first meet at a Chicago bar. After 48 blissful, sensual hours and countless lies, Steve vanishes and Louisa comes to the realisation that she has been duped out of thousands of dollars.

Louisa decides to find Steve on her own after learning she’s pregnant because the police won’t help her. However, she soon learns that Steve has an identical twin named Mitch (Colton Haynes), and the brothers are both romantic con artists. Louisa decides she must take action after learning how the swindler twins have harmed women as she continues to investigate. Louisa makes an effort to outwit the twins and bring justice for all of their victims by summoning her wits, courage, and resolve to never be duped once more.

Cast: Colton Haynes as Steve/Mitch and Gabrielle Graham as Louisa

Written by Liz Lake and Directed by Jonathan Wright.

Airdate: Saturday October 22, 2022 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.