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Taboo Episode 4 (BBC-1 28 Jan 2017, with Jessie Buckley)



Taboo Tom Hardy BBC One 2017

Episode 4 brings us to the half way mark of intense period thriller Taboo and we are still no nearing to working out what is actually going on.

The Crown makes a devious move against James Delaney, while the Company has its own reasons for frustrating the plot.
As London begins closing its doors to him, James sets out to protect his business by any means necessary.

With empire and mayhem in mind, James adds Cholmondely, a depraved Chemist, to his company with explosive consequences. Meanwhile, Lorna aims to prove she’s anything but a weak link, and buried secrets become a matter of yet more intrigue and violence.

James Delaney is played by Tom Hardy, Cholmondeley by Tom Hollander, and Lorna by Jessie Buckley.

Taboo Episode 4 (of 8) airs on Saturday 28 January 2017 from 9.15pm-10.10pm on BBC One.