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Tales from the Coast with Robson Green Episode 2 (ITV 7 Feb 2017)



Tales From The Coast

In this new series, the second episode of which airs on Tuesday 7 February at 8.00pm on ITV,  Robson Green travels along some of the nation’s most fascinating stretches of coastline to discover just what it is about our shoreline that continues to cast its spell. Britain has one of the most varied coastal landscapes in the world – from sweeping sands and rugged cliffs to mudflats and spits. It is home to colourful seaside towns and historic fishing villages.

In episode two, Robson visits one of the most exciting and dramatic stretches of coastline in Britain as he explores the hidden coves and remote islands of Pembrokeshire in south west Wales. There is a reunion in store as Robson meets up with his former Soldier Soldier co-star and singing partner Jerome Flynn – who now lives on the Pembrokeshire coast. They go sea kayaking around Ramsey Island and Robson attempts to navigate some of the most dangerous tidal rapids off British shores.

On Skokholm Island, Robson spends 24 hours living and working with its only human inhabitants – wildlife wardens Giselle Eagle and Richard Brown, a couple who look after an incredible array of seabirds – including the largest concentration of Manx shearwaters in the world. Robson also goes cliff jumping in a disused quarry known as the blue lagoon and meets a man who creates giant sand art at Mwnt Beach.

Tales from the Coast with Robson Green Episode 2 airs Tuesday 7 February 2017 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on ITV.