Taskmaster: The House Queens (S13EP10 Channel 4 Thursday 16 June 2022)



The furious race to claim Greg Davies’ gleaming golden head trophy reaches its glorious climax in the Taskmaster grand final. Will Ardal O’Hanlon wear that red leather jacket? Why would Sophie Duker use chopsticks to remove valve caps? Why is Chris Ramsey rapping about aubergines?

Can Bridget Christie whistle? And will Judi Love finally win an episode? Whatever the answers, Alex Horne will be noting it all down in shorthand so that he can type it up later for his official records.

Exec Prods: Alex Horne, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, Andy Devonshire, James Taylor, Jon Thoday; Series Prod: Andy Cartwright; Series Dir: Andy Devonshire; Prod Co: Avalon

Airdate: Thursday 16 June 2022 at 21:00 on Channel 4

Season 13 Episode 10

Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, they will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of fivecelebrity contestants. At the end of the series, who will be crowned the Taskmaster champion?

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