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Telford’s Change: Episode Five (S1EP5 BBC 4 Feb 1979, Tessa Peake-Jones)



Episode Five: Mark Telford has big ideas for a local firm, but he needs to be able to convince them.

Cast: Peter Barkworth (Mark Telford), Hannah Gordon (Sylvia Telford), Charlie Stewart (Charles), Keith Barron (Tim Hart), Veronica Sowerby (Carol Milton), Albert Welling (Keith Everley), Gerry Cowper (Jenny Bell), Michael Maloney (Peter Telford), Tessa Peake-Jones (Elizabeth Cowley), Colin Douglas, Myles Hoyle, Roger Brierley, John Scott

Writer: Brian Clark / Director: Barry Davis

Original Airdate: 4 Feb 1979 on BBC
Series: Telford’s Change Season 1 Episode 5