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Telford’s Change: Episode One (S1EP1 BBC 7 Jan 1979, Julian Holloway)



Episode One: Mark Telford starts to question his future as an International Banker and plans on moving to Dover to be a manager of a provincial bank.

Cast: Peter Barkworth (Mark Telford), Hannah Gordon (Sylvia Telford), Martin Benson, Julian Holloway, Michael Maloney, Holly Palance, Paul Williamson, Simon Lack, Richard Durden, Patrick Barr, Patricia Lawrence, Terry White, Gerry Cowper, Davyd Harries, Nula Conwell, David Markham, Maryann Turner, Jane Lowe

Writer: Brian Clark / Director: Barry Davis

Original Airdate: 7 Jan 1979 on BBC
Series: Telford’s Change Season 1 Episode 1