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The Abyss: Rise And Fall Of The Nazis “The Reckoning 1945-1948” (SBS Sunday 19 March 2023)



The Abyss: Rise and Fall of the Nazis

The Reckoning 1945-1948: Is there any way to deal with a population that stayed true to its dictatorship until the bitter end, even as they butchered millions of Jews and shattered the European continent? What kind of fresh start, moral accounting of the perpetrators, handling of bystanders, and rehabilitation of the victims is appropriate?

There is a new viewpoint on the Third Reich in The Abyss: The Rise and Fall of the Nazis. How the Nazis took over Germany and then the rest of Europe in just a few short years is detailed. In light of the raw wounds of World War I, how is that even possible? It’s puzzling that it took so long for them to be stopped.

This unique perspective on Hitler’s rule is the result of a combination of unpublished archival information, historical sources, and the work of a team of specialists from around the world. The show deconstructs the convoluted chain of events that propped up a new regime and made possible the unfathomable degree of bloodshed and atrocity that ensued.

Airdate: Sunday 19 March 2023 at 5.30pm on SBS.

Season 1 Episode 10 (of 10)

Image Credit: SBS