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The Agatha Christie Hour: Jane in Search of a Job (S1EP9 ITV 9 Nov 1982, Elizabeth Garvie)



Jane in Search of a Job: Jane Cleveland is out of work and owes rent on her London flat. When she is offered the role of ‘double’ to the Grand Duchess Olga, the adventurous Jane accepts with alacrity, especially as the financial renumeration for the role is lucrative.

However, all is not as it seems … Jane is thrown into a world of intrigue, double-dealing, jewel robberies, and deceit. It is perhaps as well that Jane’s new boyfriend is attending Hendon Police College and has an observant and quick eye.

Cast: Elizabeth Garvie (Jane Cleveland), Andrew Bicknell (Nigel Guest), Amanda Redman (Pauline), Julia McCarthy (Miss Northwood), Hetty Baynes (Holly De Witt), Geoffrey Hinsliff (Colonel Kranin), Tony Jay (Count Streptitch), Stephanie Cole (Princess Anna), Josie Kidd (Miss Thristle), Neville Phillips (Mr Delemain), Helen Lindsay (Lady Anchester), Roy Macready (Mr Bissell), Richard Tate (Manfred), Tex Fuller (Chauffeur), Mac Andrews (Footman), George Waring (Station Sergeant), Martin Chamberlain (Police Sergeant), Robert McBain (Police Superintendent)

Writer: Gerald Savory / Director: Christopher Hodson

Original Airdate: 9 Nov 1982 on ITV
Series: The Agatha Christie Hour Season 1 Episode 9