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The Agatha Christie Hour: Magnolia Blossom (S1EP6 ITV 12 Oct 1982, Ciaran Madden)



Magnolia Blossom: In her determination to start a new life with her husband Richard’s business rival Vincent, Theo flees to Paris with Vincent.

But bad news follows quickly – Richard’s business has collapsed. Theo returns to find that Richard has been less than honest with her, and that more than his job is at stake.

Cast: Ciaran Madden (Theo Darrell), Jeremy Clyde (Richard Darrell), Ralph Bates (Vincent Easton), Alexandra Bastedo (Clare Hamilton), Brian Oulton (Bates), Jack May (Colonel Jaggers), Charles Hodgson (Minister), Graham Seed (Charles Willerby), Philip Cade (Bobby Dorkins), Sarah-Jane Varley (Vanessa), Jane Laurie (Imogen), Jennifer Croxton (Martita), Keith Marsh (Ticket Inspector), Derek Fuke (Taxi Driver)

Writer: John Bryden Rogers / Director: John Frankau

Original Airdate: 12 Oct 1982 on ITV
Series: The Agatha Christie Hour Season 1 Episode 6