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The Agatha Christie Hour: The Girl in the Train (S1EP3 ITV 21 Sep 1982, Roy Kinnear)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Girl in the Train: Cast upon the world without a penny by his heartless Uncle William, young George Rowland decides to catch a train down to Rowland’s Castle, a village which happens to bear his name.

As George sits in the train at Waterloo Station, a young woman throws herself into his compartment, begging him to hide her from a mysterious enemy. George complies and finds himself mixed up in the affairs of the young and beautiful Grand Duchess Anastasia of Catonia.

Entrusted with a small, sealed package George embarks on An Adventure, only to find true love and romance at the end of it, plus the forgiveness of an uncle who turns out to have a heart after all.

Cast: Osmund Bullock (George Rowland), Ernest Clark (Rogers), James Grout (William Rowland), Roy Kinnear (Cabbie), Ron Pember (Jarrold), Sarah Berger (Elizabeth), David Neal (Prince Osric), Arthur Blake (Sturm), Glyn Baker (Karl), Cherith Mellor (Receptionist), Debbie Farrington (Maid), Matyelok Gibbs (Miss Garstang), Jo Warne (Flower Seller), Richard Bartlett (‘The King’), Bill Treacher (Station Porter), Harry Fielder (Guard)

Writer: William Corlett / Director: Brian Farnham

Original Airdate: 21 Sep 1982 on ITV
Series: The Agatha Christie Hour Season 1 Episode 3