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The Agatha Christie Hour: The Mystery of the Blue Jar (S1EP7 ITV 19 Oct 1982, Michael Aldridge)



The Mystery of the Blue Jar: While playing golf, young Jack Hartington hears a woman’s voice crying ""Murder! Help! Murder!""

Racing in the direction of the voice, Jack comes upon Felise Marchaud, a young Frenchwoman living in a cottage nearby who is sceptical of his claims and who claims to have heard nothing.

Several days later under almost identical conditions Jack hears the cry again, and then starts to doubt his sanity.

Enlisting the aid of Dr. Lavington, a psychiatrist, and Felise, Jack finds that the supernatural events surrounding the cottage seem, by an odd coincidence, to have some connection with a blue jar purchased some months previously by his Uncle George.

Jack is persuaded by his new friends to fetch the blue jar, which turns out to be Ming and priceless beyond value.

Cast: Michael Aldridge (Doctor Lavington), Robin Kermode (Jack Hartington), Isabelle Spade (Felise), Derek Francis (Uncle George), Hugh Walters (Mr Dodds), Glynis Brooks (Agnes), Ivor Roberts (Mr Hubble), Philip Bird (Marchaud), Robert Austin (Police Sergeant), Tara Ward (Portia)

Writer: T.R. Bowen / Director: Cyril Coke

Original Airdate: 19 Oct 1982 on ITV
Series: The Agatha Christie Hour Season 1 Episode 7